Is Facebook making you mean; a frequently asked question heard on the radio, television, internet, and even at home? I agree that Facebook can bring out an uglier side in a person. It can cause her to do abhorrent things that she may regret, something that may be regretted for life.

It’s true that Facebook can bring people closer together. Perhaps by helping to reconnect people with close relatives who live across the country or even discovering old childhood friends. But it can also drag them further apart. Facebook gives people the chance to be mean without having to suffer the consequences. A possible scenario could be at school. Imagine you have an argument with your friend because you believe that she gossiped about you to other students. You can fire back with hurtful and degrading comments and later get sent to the Principal’s office and possibly be suspended or expelled. But if you have the same conversation over Facebook, you can easily leave the chat room and go back to your normal life without taking any responsibility for your spiteful comments.

Additionally, Facebook can also be misleading. Imaginably, someone has a discussion with a friend, that person may be excited about some upcoming event and she describes it in all capital letters with several exclamation points. Her friend can get the wrong impression that she is mad or disturbed by something rather than being enthusiastic.Next, Facebook also allows users to post anything on their wall. Very recently, a young man’s college roommate secretly videotaped him while he had a private encounter with another man. He later posted it on his wall for all users to see. The following day that young man later committed suicide by jumping of the George Washington bridge. On one hand, by writing personal info on one’s profile, people can learn more about that person and her background. On the other hand, people can still use it against her,like targeting one with racial comments or giving out malicious labels.

In conclusion, Facebook has no screening, someone can post something not of her belonging that is very private and have the whole world see it, or one may lash out at someone over a simple conversation and have it go downhill. But whether one is the bully or the victim, once it’s posted, it doesn’t go away.

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