Gulp and Gasp-What is the drama is all bout?

Gulp and Gasp is a drama about the triumph of good over evil. It can be classified as a melodrama as it consists of very dramatic incidents and exaggerated emotions. Lord Septic is a greedy villain who has no regard for other people. he is rich and powerful and wants to be richer and more powerful. he is also the nasty boss of the railway lines and is interested in getting his hands on the Gatsby Gold. he attempts to get rid of anything and anyone whom he feels stands in his way, including Rose, who is just a damsel in distress, Percy then comes to Rose's rescue. Justice comes when Lord Septic is handed to the police and Percy finds the Gatsby fortune which is rightfuly his. In the end, he proposes to Rose who accepts his proposal.

Rose as a damsel in distress

Vocab to be learnt:-

exaggerated :- To represent as greater than is actually the case
damsel in distress = A young woman or girl
nasty = cruel