Smoking among teenagers

Many people know that smoking is dangerous, but they still ugnore it and continue to smoke. The increase of smokers among the teenagers is a bad phenomenon that we should realize. Teenagers either boys or girls tend to smoke far a variety of reasons. Boys are smoking because they want to look matured and cool wjile girls are smoking because they want to have a good curve. In other words, they want to get slim. This is not based on my own assumption, but this is based on the research done a few years ago. People are aware that smoking brings a lot of disadvantages to their health. But, the danger of smoking giving no effect to the mentality of the smokers where they continuosly take the cigarettes and make them as their daily food. How disgusting to see teenagers with their school uniform puff the cigarettes smoke to the air in front of the public!

In this post, i want to tell all of you about several effects of smoking. First of all, by smoking we will get older than our real age as wrinkles appear at an early age. Secondly, smoking also gives bad effects to our health in the sense that it contributes to several diseases like mouth throat, cancer, lung and respiratory system. In short, if you are smoking, you will die at an early age as well.

In term of appearance, people who are smoking will have a yellowish skin on their fingers and they smell so badly. This comes from the cigarettes smoke that has strong smell. People can detect whether someone is a smoker or not by just looking at their physical appearance.

In a nutshell, smoking gives no advantages to us. so, people out there who are still smoking, please quit! You can do it!


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